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Trading Software Development Services
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We build robust trading solutions and applications

Trading platforms
Trading platforms Trading platforms

OTR creates multi-asset & multi-market platforms and customizes the existing ones for banks, hedge funds, exchanges, with top reliability, meaningful insights, & unbound functionality.

  • Algorithmic trading platforms
  • Share trading software
  • Securities trading platforms
  • Crowdfunding platforms
Stock trading systems
Stock trading systems Stock trading systems

Offer effective stock prediction & management to maximize the outcomes. We build secure custom trading systems for those who trade stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, derivatives, and other equities.

  • Stocks management & hunting
  • Push Notifications
  • End-of-the-day charting
  • Filtering & Reporting
Trading bots
Trading bots Trading bots

Rely on tested execution engines managing client onboarding, portfolios, sending alerts, approving or declining deals. Minimizing human involvement, our solutions reduce processing times and error rates.

  • Client order management
  • Credit score calculation
  • Automated portfolio management
  • Live alerts on events
Analytical Solutions
Analytical Solutions Analytical Solutions

Get an extra edge with precise & on-time market feeds, news, & updates, all processed by intelligent analytics engines. We process high-volume data and indexes from global exchanges to spot anomalies & patterns.

  • Trading charting software & footprints
  • Technical analysis software
  • Risk management tools
  • Profitability assessment solutions
Mobile trading apps
Mobile trading apps Mobile trading apps

Allow traders and brokers to access your services whenever they go from their mobile devices — lightning-fast response and the same functionality as in their web application.

  • Stocks, ETFs, and options trading
  • Livestock data graphs & charts
  • Live alerts on changes
  • Market news feeds integration
Hedging software
Hedging software Hedging software

Analyze the impact of market changes on hedge and automate strategies to get prepared against market fluctuations, dynamically manage over and under for covered & hedged positions, & more.

  • Auto-executed hedges
  • Risk management tools
  • Hedge price calculators
  • Advanced reporting tools
Advanced charting tools
Advanced charting tools Advanced charting tools

We are experts in creating intuitive, visual trading solutions and 2D charting tools that help to highlight trends & recognize patterns to make informed decisions.

  • Live charts
  • Custom graphs
  • Algorithmic views
  • Analytical charts

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Services we offer banks and financial institutions

Consulting Consulting
Get the tailored advice before you start, from planned infrastructure to delivery approach. Our experts in trading solutions will help you with the right fit for your specific trading services & types of assets.
Custom development Custom development
Our fintech development experts create trading platforms from scratch, connect them with popular and reliable data providers, monitor user behavior and market trends — both on the web and mobile.
Start with working prototypes to test your trading ideas into practice. We build fully functional MVPs within just a couple of months to start gaining momentum without freezing funds for long-term development.
Transactional infrastructure Transactional infrastructure
Reduce risks associated with transaction processing integration. Our payment solutions specialists bring hassle-free implementation of low latency middleware systems.
Integration with exchanges & market feeds Integration with exchanges & market feeds
Connect your trading system to any market exchange easily. We integrate your systems with exchanges’ APIs to provide you with all required information whenever you need it and always on-time.
Support and maintenance Support and maintenance
Reduce expenditure with dedicated support. Our professionals ensure we get you covered on secure user authentication, servicing, and data processing and step in whenever things take an unexpected turn.

Featured trading projects

Wealth Management Platform with a Robo-Advisor

A robust trading platform enhanced with smart analytics and robo-advisor to deliver the best-suiting options to investors

  • offering best-suiting available investment opportunities
  • custom client portfolios based on individual targets and funds
  • administration module with automated alerts and rebalancing
Read more
A digital platform to exchange stocks and currencies

A securely protected exchange platform fit to exchange multiple asset types including stocks and currencies

  • multi assets exchange
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • statistics and reporting
Read more
Online trading platform for trading stocks
Online trading platform for trading stocks

We delivered a stock trading system that achieved a high ROI ratio, gained popularity among experienced traders, and helped our customer win their share in the trading market. The system provides:

  • Stock trading management tools
  • Trading forecasts
  • Intuitive UI
  • Live notification system
Read more

Interested in similar projects or services?

We implement advanced technologies...


Big data

Big data


Our experts solve these challenges

  • Inexpensive transactions & direct income from the first user
  • Unlimited functionalities: tiered exits, nested stop/reverse orders, custom entries
  • Staying on top of market trends with fast data aggregation
  • The utmost level of security: safe verification, stop lists, and fraud resistance


What type of trading platform should I start with?

Depending on your target audience’s favorites, you can build a trading application for the web, desktop, or mobile. Many market players prefer to cover as many platforms as possible.

Why is it a great time to start with a trading project today?

Investopedia has lately run a survey revealing only 31% of younger people hold their available funds invested and almost 50% of income staying in savings accounts. It’s time to recognize this potential.

How much does it cost to develop a trading project?

It depends on the specific type of solution you decide to go with. The price changes with the number of features and their complexity. Our experts can always help you find the best fit for your goals and budget. You could also start with an MVP to test your ideas without investing a fortune and gradually evolve into a larger project.

Do I have to be a trading pro to get started?

No, our trading experts are ready to assist you even if you just start your trading journey. And our algorithmic trading platforms and robo-advisors run on preset rules to minimize human involvement, prevent fraud and notify you with live alarms to take action early.

Looking for a reliable partner to start your online trading system?

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