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Digital lending solutions for all platforms and analytical software

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We build digital solutions for online lenders:

P2P lending marketplaces
P2P lending app P2P lending marketplaces

Streamline lending and borrowing with our trusted platforms leveraging intuitive interfaces for users to manage their loans & investments with ease & a highly automated back office.

  • Investor & borrower toolkits
  • Counterparty profiling
  • Collateral & risk management
  • Fee configuration
Loan management software
Lending platform Loan management software

Manage loans, classify clients with custom dashboards & charts for individual and cumulative views on loans, payments, investors and recipients, statements, and personal data. Fit for banks & microfinance alike.

  • Automated decision-making
  • Loan syndication
  • Advanced reporting
  • Third-party API integration
DeFi lending & borrowing
Defi lending DeFi lending & borrowing

Reduce cost and improve security with decentralized applications, such as DeFi lending platforms, auto onboarding & checks, loan comparisons, collaboration tools, & credit monitoring.

  • Self-executing loan processing
  • Live feeds from 3rd party sources
  • Automated loan management
  • Alerts & notifications
Loan origination & client onboarding
Banking Loan origination & client onboarding

Verify identities and credit history faster & with enhanced security through social data, real-time profiling, 3rd party databases, & fraud risk engines. For new solutions & product upgrades.

  • Online KYC
  • Borrower profiling
  • Lender comparisons
  • Social networking tools
Mobile lending apps
Lending mobile platform Mobile lending apps

Provide more personalized lending services accessible from anywhere. Our user-friendly lending apps rely on automated algorithms to ensure the same functionality as your loan department or MSI.

  • Automated verification
  • Online payments
  • Private messaging
  • Alerts and notifications
Loan comparison platforms
Loan Comparison Loan comparison platforms

Showcase available lending opportunities faster than your competitors with loan provider aggregators offering a complete overlook of lending and borrowing opportunities & rates.

  • Live dashboards
  • Detailed statistics
  • Advanced reporting
  • Integrated application
Crowdfunding Platform Crowdfunding

Start your own crowdfunding platform and encourage businesses and individuals to post their projects and promote them to invite crowd-lenders to aggregate funds in return for predefined interest rates.

  • Fund management
  • Deal management
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Enhanced dashboards and reporting

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Services we offer digital lending providers:

Custom development Team augmentation/ managed teams
Rely on our tested team of seasoned professionals with over 20 years of fintech development expertise to enhance your existing team or fully take the development off your hands.
Consulting Consulting & rough estimation
We provide detailed consulting on your lending project, running complete research of your processes, potential customers, and business environment, and equip you with the initial understanding of its budget and timeline.
Research & discovery
Our team researches your specific project, analyzes the current opportunities and competitor landscape, and produces detailed advice & guidelines to make sure you start with the right things.
MVP MVP creation
OTR builds minimum viable products for your lending projects so you can go to market faster, analyze user feedback and intermediary outcomes, and introduce the necessary improvements with no delay.
Integration with exchanges & market feeds Product improvements & third party integration
Connect your lending solution with the third-party providers your clients are looking forward to, such as payment gateways, online wallets, verification services, loan aggregators, and more.
Transactional infrastructure End-to-end product development
From the initial idea to the post-release support, we take care of every aspect of your lending project development, providing you with the precise solution that meets your needs and budget.

Our latest lending projects

Lending platform with risk mangement tools
Lending platform with credit risk assessment

A scalable lending platform integrated with the consumer bank's digital services offers remote loan application services to your clients.

  • automated risk assessment
  • faster loan approvals
  • advanced charting and reporting
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Lending mobile platform
Mobile lending app and loan management platform

An intuitive app and loan management platform with an optimized user interface, integration with trusted automated AML/KYC providers, and payment gateways.

  • 3-Bureau Credit Report integration
  • Secure AML & KYC
  • AI-Based credit scoring
  • Non-performance management
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Automated lending engine
Lending software automating loan workflow

A state-of-the-art lending engine automating loan origination & decision-making from registering an application to loan funds issuing.

  • Full-scale automation
  • Integration with geolocation services
  • CV image processing
  • Integration with credit history agencies
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Tech we implement in lending solutions


Big data

Big data


Our experts solve these challenges:

  • Solution Flexibility — we customize every solution to fit your business needs & integrate with third-party services of choice.
  • Regulatory compliance — we create our solutions compliant with the legislation provisions efficient for your operations.
  • Rich Integration Capabilities — our team integrates any third-party APIs like payment gateways, lender checking agencies, analytical engines, marketing modules & more.
  • Going Fast to Market — with 20+ years of technical expertise behind our belt, we know how to create feature-rich lending solutions on time & budget.

Lending platform development FAQ

What type of lending platform development should I choose?

 The answer will vary depending on your initial goals, prospective outreach, location, and legal environments. Get in touch with our lending solution developers to pick the type of project that lives to your expectations.

How to start your own peer-to-peer lending business that will stand out among the others?

 Outline specific areas, define your target audience, introduce clean design and secure protection. OTR helps you with each of these steps. We can start with an MVP to test the waters, gather feedback, introduce improvements before going full-throttle.

How much does it cost to develop a lending platform?

The cost varies significantly depending on the specific type of lending application, the platform you want to engage with, and the expected throughput. Share your lending ideas, and our experts will get back with a rough project estimation. 

What platform should I commit to with my lending project?

 The more options your potential users have to access your services, the higher is your prospective engagement rate. Building a web platform is the first step while adding a native or cross-platform app to the table lets lenders and borrowers stay connected with your project whenever they go.

Any more questions? Ask our experts.

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