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Our digital solutions for businesses & startups:

Billing & payment
eWallet Billing & payment

Our protected bill payment fintech software ensures a secure and seamless payment experience across multiple channels and currencies.

  • Payment platforms
  • Digital wallets
  • Online bill pay
Fraud prevention and compliance
AML fintech solution Fraud prevention and compliance

Evaluate data credibility, identify fraud, recognize suspicious transactions, and stay compliant with regulations across channels.

  • KYC
  • Regulatory compliance tools
  • AML
Investment & trading solutions
TRading platform Investment & trading solutions

Algorithms that identify and forecast changes and patterns, manage trading assets, personal portfolios, and analytics.

  • Wealth Management
  • Trading platforms
  • Exchange Platforms
Peer-to-peer & Blockchain
Blockchain wallet Peer-to-peer & Blockchain

P2P & blockchain enable apps for O2C processes, trade finance, inter-company transactions, & reconciliation.

  • Smart contracts
  • Dapps
  • Blockchain-powered wallets
Cognitive techs & automation
Emotion Recognition management system Cognitive techs & automation

Microservice architectures, speech recognition, artificial intelligence, and more for faster and smarter business acceleration.

  • Computer vision and AI solutions
  • Smart automation
  • AI-powered cognitive assistants
Lending platforms
Personal financial planning assistant2 Lending platforms

Self-service tools, client onboarding and validity checks, automated loan application approvals, AML compliance for lenders and card issuers.

  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • KYC
  • Loan calculators

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Services we offer startups and businesses for sustainable growth:

Managed team Team augmentation/ managed teams
Top-notch BA and development expertise with no expense of hiring and training in-house workers. Our dedicated team & staff augmentation services provide in-demand, special skills when necessary.
MVP MVP Creation
Our team determines the least functionality required to run your project, develops an MVP, and swiftly implements it to test your business ideas in practice and introduce updates when needed.
We explore how to push the boundaries of forms, functions, and applications in expressing statistical and technical thinking with interactive design and intuitive navigation for stellar fintech software development.
Product development Product development
With decade-long expertise serving large-size banks, building high-load systems, and complex architecture, our fintech development teams build market-ready user-centric solutions.
DevOps DevOps
OTR’s DevOps teams employ their expertise and proven toolkits for stable architectures, efficient resource management, cost reduction, improved security, and faster time-to-market.
Quality assurance QA
We run software tests and checks, continuously explore legal, regulatory, and security requirements to ensure every solution runs as intended and complies with initial specs.

Our fintech projects

Multicurrency Exchange Platform
Multicurrency Exchange Platform

A robust exchange platform designed for multiple fiats and other currency types. Protected with advanced security protocols and equipped with efficient management tools.

  • Exchange rate management module
  • Customer management module
  • Information security module
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EOS-based Digital Wallet
EOS-based Digital Wallet

A smart eWallet with advanced trading options allowing to efficiently manage and trade fiat, stocks, and other assets within one payment solution

  • Brokerage & exchange
  • Smart escrow
  • Asset protection
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Online Tax Bill Payment Application
Online Tax Bill Payment Application

A fully legislation-compliant tax monitoring and payment solution integrated with the mobile banking and web banking applications

  • Paying income taxes
  • Paid taxes history
  • Upcoming taxes alerts
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Our experts & teams solve these challenges

  • Fill in skill gaps

    Our experts know how to choose the right approach & toolkits to FinTech app development to maximize your project's performance.

  • Eliminate security bottlenecks and improve data protection

    OTR’s financial software engineers make sure our solutions are private-by-design to prevent fraud and data leaks.

  • Ensure compliance with international and local standards

    All our solutions and services comply with adequate security standards and legislation provisions.

  • Develop new products or prove your ideas with MVPs

    Our fintech software developers have extensive track-record building solutions that meet goals and match requirements.


What is a fintech solution?

The term refers to building any solution or digital tool that helps to render financial services and is an umbrella term for anything starting from payment gateways to blockchain environments and open banking APIs. A fintech software development company builds such solutions, integrates them with your existing environment, or customizes and upgrades the outdated ones.

What are the benefits of introducing Fintech to my business?

Fintech applications by OTR are great for performing the same functions as your traditional tools but do it much faster, more accurate, and precise, minimizing error and operational costs.

Do your fintech solutions comply with the regulatory requiremnets?

Yes. We are the fintech development company that always go the extra mile to understand your regulation environment and legislation and ensure our solutions stay compliant with your specific requirements and standards, including GDPR, PSD2, and many others.

I only have a general idea of my Fintech project with no specific guidelines. Can you help me?

We definitely can. Please describe in a few words your projects and send us some details, and our experts will answer your questions and come up with an estimate specifically tailored to your requirements.

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