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Mobile wallets

Allow your customers to complete transactions the way they want to boost loyalty, revenue, and profits for your retail, finance, or eCommerce projects.

Payment Apps

Improve your checkouts with payment applications that reflect your focus and type of activity. Easy to integrate with payment providers of your choice.

Digital assets
Blockchain wallets

Transfer data and assets faster, safer, & at a lower cost with decentralized blockchain wallets with custom permissions and no third-party in between.


Our latest payment projects

EOS-based Digital Wallet
eWallet based on EOS blockchain

Multi-asset payment application with integrated trading functionalities based on EOS blockchain

  • Supports virtual cards
  • Designed for varied assets
  • Smart trading provisions
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Online Tax Bill Payment Application
Online Tax Bill Payment Application

An online payment app fully integrated with a banking mobile eWallet

  • Income tax pay integrated with tax services
  • Transaction history stored
  • Upcoming tax alerts
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Mobile eWallet App for International Payment Aggregator

Ewallets multiple payment providers with one-touch transfers, account management, QR code support, and more.

  • Payment gateway integration
  • QR code recognition
  • Virtual card support
  • NFC support
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Sevices for payment providers & integrators:

Consulting Consulting

Get tailored advice & guidelines on blockchain employment & technology selection that relies on in-depth analysis of your business, market trends, and our 20+ years of development expertise.

Custom development Custom eWallet Development

Here and there, standard incorporation isn’t sufficient. Maybe you or your trader customers may require a custom installment portal. We can build up a custom installment portal or add custom highlights to our outsider mixes.


Have a product idea?  Need to express your solution better to solve the problem for potential customers? Test your concepts with MVP (minimum viable product) to gain feedback from potential customers so that you can easily make changes.

Integration with exchanges & market feeds Integration of third party payment services

We link their party APIs to your existing solution and new modules like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Razor Pay, etc., to enhance the experience and introduce better service options.

Looking for a reliable payment solution developer?

Payment solutions convenient for each party:

We solve these challenges to give you an edge:

  • More convenient payment with contactless features: Magnetic Secure Transmission, NFC, QR), iBeacon, etc.

  • PCI DSS compliance while we provide verifiable digital identities, certificates, and biometric verifications

  • Multiple bank account integration to let your users conveniently hold all their accounts and assets in one place

  • Reducing operational costs with Peer-to-Peer solutions to offer more competitive rates & faster time to market

Integrate services your clients await:



What are the benefits of a digital wallet?

Digital wallets have many benefits over a physical wallet, including convenience, better management, enhanced security, and integration of multiple third parties and assets accessible from a single app.

Are digital wallets safe?

Today’s digital wallet apps are based on strict security guidelines and regulator requirements, ensuring utmost security.

Why should I choose digital wallets over traditional payment solutions?

All reliable digital wallet apps heavily encrypt their user’s payment information, making it difficult to compromise when you transfer data from the application to the payment system.

What can digital wallets do?

First of all, digital wallets are an excellent tool for simplifying payments. They are also great for keeping important documents organized and easily accessible, such as credit or debit cards, hotel reservations, boarding passes, concert tickets, gift cards, coupons, and loyalty rewards cards.

I'm looking for a wallet that works both on the web and mobile platforms. Is that something you can build?

Yes. We can help you develop a digital wallet that works across mobile as well as the web.

Got any more questions? We're happy to help!

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