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Tax payment web application


Banking and finance


Spring Boot (Java 8/11), ELK, Ansible, Marathon, Mesos, Chronos, Kotlin, React, Redux




26 Weeks


1 backend developer for Java, 1 front end developer for JS, 2 front-end developers for Mobile (Android and iOS) 1 QA, 1 BA, and 1 Product Owner


According to the special tax regime that came into force in Russia in 2019, citizens who earn from the sale of goods or services with no hired workers can voluntarily register as self-employed to benefit from lower income tax rates. Such registration normally required citizens to apply to their local tax offices, which was especially inconvenient for distantly located individuals. To meet the increasing demand of easily available taxation services, our long-term client, a large Russian bank, was looking to introduce a simple tax-paying option for the self-employed. 

The bank contacted OTR to enhance their mobile application and Internet banking services with an efficient tax calculating and payment tool for self-employed citizens. The main goal was to provide the bank’s clients with fast in-app registration and simple account management capabilities without filling out paperwork and traveling to a bank or tax office.

Solution: Description and Key Capabilities

This project’s main objective was to develop a tax monitoring and payment system to be integrated both with the mobile and web banking applications. The final tool had enabled the following capabilities:

  • Paying taxes on income
  • Displaying the history of taxes already paid
  • Notifying on upcoming and unpaid taxes
  • Fully integrated with the bank’s mobile and web services (transaction history, support, etc.)
  • Easy-to-navigate intuitive interface
  • Money sent directly from a savings account to pay the tax bill
  • Full compliance with effective tax legislation

Development approach

We started with researching our client’s requirements to make a detailed road map for the entire project. Our team chose the Agile methodology this time as we wanted to make sure we deliver the project within the limited time we had.

We started with consulting Russian tax authorities to get a clear vision of the self-employed taxation regulations. Our experts obtained detailed legal advice from the Federal Tax Service. Based on the regulators’ information, we created a simple chart that users could fill in to get their income reported and filed online.

By that time, our team had a long-running history working with this bank on various special features and addons for their mobile application and Internet banking services, so we chose our technology stack accordingly. To build a solid foundation, our developers utilized React to create easy-to-operate user interfaces and Spring Boot (Java 8/11) to build a robust, interoperable application addon. We relied on ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana), Prometheus & Grafana. To accommodate an increasingly mobile client base, OTR developed app enhancements both for Android and iOS.


The final project has become the first online self-managed tax-paying solution for the self-employed to enter the Russian market. It provides taxpayers with a simple way of handling and calculating their taxes. It has already significantly increased our client’s customer base as few other financial institutions on the market have introduced the same functionalities.

The tax payment system is instantly accessible, ensures advanced notifications on the upcoming payments, provides reports, simplifying operations and decreasing processing time. At the moment, we continue working on the project and its new features to improve user-friendliness and introduce further enhancement.

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