Multi-Currency Wallet
Based on EOS




Multi-Currency eWallet Based on EOS




Java, Node JS, Oracle, C++, Hudson, Jira, MySql, ClickHouse, React JS, Swagger, EOSIO



Project Duration

60 Weeks

Project Team

2 front-end developers, 4 backend developers, 1 PM, 1 QA, 1 UI/UX


Our customer, an EU-based international fintech company, wanted to create a multifunctional system for secure fiat and cryptocurrency banking, and brokerage for stocks that can be used by both individual and business users. They asked OTR to design a smart bank ecosystem and a separate EOS blockchain for it.

The solution was to facilitate financial interactions in fiat, cryptocurrency, and stocks within one application, as well as to help its users protect their assets from market volatility, frauds, or access loss. One of the main goals of the ecosystem was to provide cryptocurrency users with banking services, thus accelerating cryptocurrency adoption by businesses. The customer wanted the ecosystem to involve a set of modules for performing various financial operations and ensuring robust security.

Solution: Description and Key Capabilities

According to an assigned task, the OTR’s team developed a complex banking ecosystem based on a side EOS blockchain that can be tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses. The ecosystem supports fiat, crypto, and stock assets, and includes integrated modules that ensure seamless financial processes. These modules are:

  • Brokerage & Exchange. This is the underlying module of the smart bank ecosystem, which is vital for the functioning of all other modules. It allows users to exchange fiat currency for crypto and vice versa, as well as convert crypto assets into traditional stocks and vice versa.
  • Smart Escrow. This smart contract-based module ensures riskless deals and high monetary value/crypto transactions for businesses and individuals. Using Smart Escrow, parties to a deal specify and confirm conditions for a deal or transaction. Then, the buyer’s assets get locked until all the parties confirm the deal conditions are met.
  • Asset Protection. To protect users’ fiat, crypto, or stocks assets from access losses and high market volatility, the smart banking ecosystem is enriched with a smart-contract based asset protection module. Users can pre-set an inactivity period for their account, and when this period expires the user’s assets are withdrawn following the pre-established instructions. As for protection from high market volatility, users can secure their crypto or stocks assets by defining conditions for automatic asset exchange.
  • Invoicing. Within the smart bank ecosystem, business users are enabled to create invoices and send them to be paid using the internal messenger or e-mail.
  • Payment Cards. The designed bank ecosystem allows users to hold virtual payment cards that support both fiat and crypto.
  • Internal Transfers. This module is a vital part of the ecosystem that enables users to execute internal transactions without high commissions and long transfer processing time.
  • Payments. Within the smart banking ecosystem, users can make payments via SWIFT, SEPA, and Ripple networks. If you want to make a payment using your cryptocurrency assets, the system automatically exchanges crypto for fiat using the core Brokerage & Exchange module.

Development approach

Having elicited all the customer’s requirements, the OTR’s team created a specified project roadmap. Since the customer wanted to get an MVP in 4-5 weeks after a project start, the Agile software development methodology was chosen. On the development side, the entire solution was to consist of three major parts: a private blockchain, a core banking platform, and web/mobile apps.

As for private blockchain, it was developed on the base of EOS to ensure fast and secure internal banking operations and reduce processing time within the ecosystem. The private EOS blockchain allows tokenizing all the internal assets that are used for internal transactions and smart contracts.
The core banking system was developed as a backend solution based on Oracle Database. It enables underlying banking operations and updates accounts and other financial records.

To enable users to leverage the smart banking ecosystem, the OTR’s team developed both web and mobile apps with a user-friendly interface. The designed web and mobile applications were integrated with the core banking system and side blockchain.


Our customer entered the crypto market with a complex smart banking ecosystem complemented by a private EOS blockchain network. The ecosystem provides its users with an opportunity to effectively manage their fiat, crypto, and stocks assets within one system.

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