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Enterprise Document Management System






2013 - 2019


20+ developers, 5+ business analysts, 2+ architects, 3+ QA engineers

The Customer

Gazprombank ranks among the top 3 banks in the Russian Federation on all core indicators and provides a broad range of banking and financial services and products to state-owned enterprises, private businesses, and individual customers. The bank is constantly increasing its client base and currently serves more than 45,000 companies and 5 million individual clients. Gazprombank has more than 350 branches in most Russian regions and multiple international representative offices in Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belarus, China, India, etc.

Gazprombank plays one of the key roles in the provision of banking, financial, and investment services at the federal level, since the bank serves the core sectors of the Russian economy (oil, gas, metallurgy, etc.). Also, Gazprombank is a member of the Russian National Committee of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).

Our Project

Since Gazprombank has a massive and complex organizational structure, the bank’s management decided to cooperate with OTR to implement, customize, configure, integrate, and test an enterprise document management system. The system was to organize electronic document flow among head office, bank branches, and their structural departments, ensuring the legal significance of the transferred documents. Ensuring the robust security of the enterprise document management system was one of the main project goals. After eliciting and analyzing the customer’s requirements, the OTR team set about implementing the enterprise document management system driven by ECM Documentum.


Enterprise Document Management System

OTR delivered the e-document management system that ensures the document flow among the structural divisions of Gazprombank in accordance with all bank’s business processes and regulations. The main system highlights and features are:

  •         Centralized secure storage for financial documents.
  •         Centralized process settings for all types of documents.
  •         Electronic signature.
  •         Centralized system for creating and managing document flows.
  •         Automated document exchange processes.
  •         The reporting system for documents and exchange processes.

Operation algorithm

With the enterprise document management system, users can carry out a regular exchange of various kinds of documents within Gazprombank’s offices and branches, following the algorithm below:

  • User authentication.
  • Document scanning.
  • Document classification. The system automatically sets the type of electronic document, saves data about it (date of creation, type, size, etc.), and saves it in the centralized electronic storage.
  • Electronic signature and data encryption. A user must add their electronic signature, then the system verifies it and allows sending the document.
  • Selection of a recipient and document sending.

After completing these steps, the document automatically goes to the centralized electronic register, where users of the system with access rights can find all the information about the document.

Enterprise Document Management System Implementation Results


To ensure the robust security of the system and prevent data leakages, OTR’s team opted for data encryption and data access control measures, including setting up a role-based document access system, user action control system, automatic assignment of access rights when creating a document, integration with corporate information security infrastructure, etc.

During the biennial implementation process, the OTR’s professionals trained key users and compiled detailed user guidelines. OTR has provided after-launch support of the system and regular security audit procedures for 4 years.

The OTR’s Team

At the implementation stage: 20+ developers, 5+ business analysts, 2+ architects, 3+ QA engineers.

After-launch support: 3+ developers, 1 business analyst, 1 architect, 1 QA engineer.

The Results

OTR provided Gazprombank with an effective solution for internal e-document management, which is confirmed by the following statistics:

  •           5,000,000 + documents registered in the system.
  •           5,000+ system users.
  •           30,000+ routing processes.

Want to get an effective document management solution?

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