Core Banking & Digital Front Office for VTB

VTB Case Study



Core banking platform integration






51 Weeks


100+ developers and QA engineers, 10+ business analysts


FIS Profile, Oracle SOA & BPM Suite


The danger of subsiding to customers’ flow is real for retail banks. This was especially true for our client, a large retail bank. Offering a massive variety of operations for servicing corporate and private clients put forward new system requirements.

Consequently, their systems now must be designed with a high STP rate to scale as required and ensure faster-automated processing, regulation compliance, and a security-centric approach to data handling. 

The Client

Our client, VTB, is a large bank, with offices and branches in several continents. Their corporate and private clients exceed 20 mln users, with over 50 mln active banking accounts. The number of operations processed raises in proportion to the ever-growing customer flow. 

Project Overview

The Bank required a reliable partner to assist it with its IT audit. The logical follow-up of that task became integrating and configuring the core banking platform and creating special modules. They included the digital front office for retail clients and an employee payroll module.

Initial IT Audit

OTR partnership began in 2012 when VTB decided to switch its operations to a more up-to-date core banking platform but had insufficient IT expertise to support such migration.

Our domain experts gathered detailed info on the Bank’s internal processes at the preliminary stage. Those included potential borrower checks, transaction handling, data storage, management systems, and more.

Core Banking Platform Integration

The next stage started in 2016 and comprised integrating and customizing the pre-selected FIS Profile core banking system. This system’s main benefit over its competitors was that it could function even under peak loads and transaction volumes. Apart from its loan/deposit processing capabilities, it was a great choice in terms of its flexibility in configuring the final front-office UI. 

The main challenge of customizing the plug-and-play solution was to make it work seamlessly with the existing Bank’s technical environment and be flexible for future scale-ups. To outline the operational processes, critical components, and roles, we used Oracle SOA and BPM Suite. It helped draft and automate some business processes and design future-proof collaboration patterns between the management and IT teams.

Developing the Digital Front Office and Payroll Modules

Digital front office

While the first team continued with the FIS Profile integration, the other group of OTR’s developers worked on creating a stable front office for the Bank’s retail business clients and a payroll extension for their employees. During the development process, we followed the Agile methodology. 

We discussed the progress and hurdles during regular meetings, any member of the team (150+ QAs and developers) could interact with the management and the client’s reps. QAs tested and retested every code drop, so we caught any path that took the wrong way early and did not lose time on that. Finally, thanks to that approach, we managed to complete all stages by the end of 2016.


OTR completed the integration, customization, and testing of the FIS Profile core banking system and continued providing support and minor fine-tuning. 

Developed by OTR, the digital banking front-office for retail enables distant servicing through secure online channels. All authentication data resides within the dedicated ActiveDirectory storage. 

Payroll module

OTR also created an automated employee payroll extension for the VTB’s retail clients. The best thing about the new module is that it can perfectly handle peak loads:

  • 75,000 automated accrual batches per day
  • up to 50,000 transactions in each batch
  • response time of interface operations not more than 3 sec

Our secure coding principles and compliance with the Bank’s internal standards ensured all internal processes’ integrity. The feedback we received from the Bank’s teams and clients was immensely positive. We are looking forward to cooperating with them on future projects.

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