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Types of blockchain solutions we develop

Custom Blockchains

Introduce safe transactions & automate internal processes through public blockchains or private ones with custom permissions.

Smart contracts

Transfer data and assets faster, safer, & at a lower cost with decentralized self-executing smart contracts.

Smart Contracts

Facilitate transaction processing & store transparent, reliable records through smart contracts coupled with a flawless front-end.

Decentralized exchanges (DEX)

Exchange digital assets with ease and elevated security with DEX platforms for any asset & immune to price and volume manipulation.

Decentralized Exchanges
Digital assets

Convert any real asset, goods, & intellectual property to a digital form. Perfect for fundraising or as a core part of a blockchain platform.

Digital assets
Blockchain wallets

Let users store and manage their assets securely & with ease: our solutions are securely protected & fit for multiple asset types.


Our recent projects

eWallet based on EOS blockchain
eWallet based on EOS blockchain

Multi-asset payment solution with integrated stock trading capabilities running on EOS blockchain

  • Multi-asset support
  • Stock trading module
  • Virtual card support
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Multicurrency exchange platform
Multicurrency exchange platform

A secure online solution enabling the exchange of varied assets, with integrated depositing and withdrawals, live dashboards, and statistics.

  • Exchange rate monitoring
  • Enhanced admin panel
  • Multiple feeds integrated
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Lending platform with risk mangement tools
Lending platform with risk mangement tools

An online digital lending platform with automated risk assessment and management tools developed for a bank.

  • Due diligence and risk assessment
  • Risk profile scoring
  • Reports and live notifications
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Blockchain services we offer our clients

Consulting Consulting

Get tailored advice & guidelines on blockchain employment & technology selection that relies on in-depth analysis of your business, market trends, and our 20+ years of development expertise.

Blockchain Architecture Architecture

OTR radically simplifies architectures and tailors them to your specific needs, types of application, and growth expectations, going in line with your business logic & delivering features faster than you expect.

Custom development Blockchain Development

We develop scalable private & public blockchains, distributed applications, custom smart contracts & protocols. We identify requirements & control each aspect of every project to fit your needs.

Integration with exchanges & market feeds Integration

With years of experience at hand, our teams support you throughout the entire integration & adaptation processes to seamlessly connect the blockchain technology with existing infrastructure.

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We create blockchain solutions for...

Our experts solve these challenges

  • Efficient asset/ownership transfer, tracking, and management

  • Verifiable digital identities, certificates checked against shared databases

  • Minimizing the risk of fraud with distributed ledger solutions

  • Reducing operational costs with no middlemen involved

Blockchain platforms we are experts in...



What value does Blockchain add to your platform?

Blockchain adds value to businesses by offering:

  • Better transparency: All items within Blockchain are visible to all of its members.
  • Precise tracking: You can track a value, data piece, or asset throughout their entire journey.
  • Enhanced speed: Everyone within the network has access to the same info at all times, resulting in a faster settlement
  • Reduced costs: You remove third-parties costs as everything within the network is validated by its participants.
What is a blockchain application?

Blockchain applications are similar to traditional applications, but they rely on decentralized architecture and crypto-systems to improve protection and trust, secure assets, and promote new ideas.

What is a blockchain wallet?

A blockchain wallet is an eWallet that holds a public key for others to transfer assets and a private key for you to access your funds safely.

What are the varieties of blockchain?

There are two main Blockchain types:

  • Public Blockchain is a fully decentralized open-source environment free to browse and join. All platform users can view ongoing and previous records and validate transactions.
  • Private Blockchain is a more centralized platform generally used by businesses & enterprises. The admin granting specific permissions and imposes restrictions on the platform’s participants to access only particular transactions and segments.

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