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We develop professional banking software:

Core banking platforms
Core banking platforms Core banking platforms

Uncompromisingly secure, modular, and interoperable digital cores of all banking operations with robust, peak-load resistant architectures & protected interfaces to the general ledger and reporting tools.

  • Core banking integration
  • Individual core banking modules
  • Migration & upgrades
  • Core banking customization
  • Support and maintenance
Digital banking
Virtual Bank Management System Digital banking

Cloud-native & on-prem solutions for clients and employees of small to enterprise-level banks, built with a risk-based approach, open APIs, E2E analytics, and secure authentication protocols.

  • Mobile banking
  • Internet banking
  • PSD2-compliant open banking
  • KYC and automated support
Client servicing
Mobile Tax Bill Payment Client servicing

Faster onboarding and account set-up, secure payment and self-service options, smart digital assistant, analytics, and live notifications, all ensuring stellar customer experience.

  • Banking CRMs
  • Virtual smart assistants
  • Auto self-service & help desk
  • Automated credit scoring
Billing & payment
eWallet Billing & payment

Solutions for banks and payment acceptors, with elevated transparency and secure encryption, accelerated response times and designed for multiple currencies, platforms, and massive request volumes.

  • Protected transactions
  • Digital wallets
  • Online bill pay
  • eBills
Fraud prevention and compliance
AML Solution Fraud prevention and compliance

Comply with anti-money laundering requirements and check data validity, customer identity to recognize suspicious activities, prevent fraud, and stay in line with the regulations.

  • Automated KYC
  • Regulatory compliance tools
  • AML compliance
  • RegTech solutions
Investment & trading solutions
Currency Exchange Platform Investment & trading solutions

Algorithms that identify and forecast patterns, data feeds from global exchanges financial assets and personal investment management tools, and financial analytics.

  • Wealth management
  • Trading platforms
  • Exchange platforms
  • Financial analytics
rypto Bank eWallet on EOS Blockchain Blockchain

DLT systems and self-executing smart contracts for secure transactions, lightning-fast P2P lending, remittances, anti-fraud procedures, transparent KYC, and risk assessment.

  • Smart contracts and Dapps
  • KYC, and risk management
  • P2P lending
  • Digital payments encryption
Automation & cognitive technologies
Emotion Recognition management system Automation & cognitive technologies

Microservices, voice recognition, computer vision, AI, smart automation, for better financial management and to free your critical employees for more pressing tasks.

  • Process automation
  • Computer vision and AI solutions
  • Smart automation
  • AI-powered cognitive assistants
Lending platforms
Personal Loan and Financial Management Tool Lending platforms

Systems facilitating instant client verification & scoring, loan approval, origination & collection, fit for payday loans, microfinance, and long-term mortgage or student loan management.

  • Risk management
  • KYC & origination
  • Loan calculators
  • Credit scoring

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Services we offer banks and financial institutions

Dedicated team Dedicated development teams for banks
Hire dedicated development centers for banks with no expense of recruiting and training. Our dedicated teams & staff augmentation models provide in-demand skills when needed.
Audit Audit
We review the IT systems, architectures, highlight points for improvement, if any, determine provisions for growth, and offer best-suiting solutions to match your strategy and budget.
Infrastructure Infrastructure
Extensive IT infrastructure design, management, and upgrade services: hardware selection, server configuration, managing SQL, Oracle, open-source databases, data centers, and remote network services.
Integration & migration System integration, migration, & customization
With vast experience working with large-scale banks, we know how to integrate, customize, or upgrade your existing core banking systems, SAP platforms, Oracle databases, and more.
Banking software development Banking software development
With decades of international banking projects completed, we know precisely how to build robust architectures, high-load resistant systems with extra backend data protection and improved usability.
Quality assurance QA
We run inspections and security checks, continuously investigate regulatory and legal provisions to assure each solution we create works as it should and in full compliance with your requirements.

Our banking projects

Core banking platform for AlfaBank
Core banking platform for AlfaBank

Our longest project lasting for over 20 years providing a secure custom banking software engine for AlfaBank

  • Based on the Finastra platform
  • Less than 5 sec for processing complex operations
  • 60% to 75% reduction in costs, time, and effort in banking operations
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Enterprise Document Management for Gazprombank
Enterprise Document Management for Gazprombank

Centralized secure storage for financial documents with a digital signature, automated document exchange, flow, and management.

  • 5,000,000+ documents registered
  • 5,000+ system users
  • 30,000+ routing processes
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Liquidity checking platform for banks
Liquidity checking platform for banks

The system allowing bank's corporates to check banks’ key indicators in real-time and receive timely updates on events and changes

  • Detailed bank profiles
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Live liquidity scoring
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Interested in similar projects or services?

Our experts & teams solve these challenges

  • Bridge skill gaps

    Well-versed in advanced technology and finance, OTR's proprietary banking software developers and analysts adapt to even complex and unclear requirements.

  • Deliver peak load resistant infrastructure

    Having worked with multiple international banks, we know how to implement robust architectures that remain functional under high pressure.

  • Protect data and forecast security bottlenecks

    Secure by design, OTR's custom banking software employs continuous adaptive authentication and protection to counter fraud and prevent data breaches.

  • Remain compliant with the global and local regulations

    Our legal experts & banking app developers go the extra mile to ensure every solution we deliver goes in line with effective standards and legislation.


What specific banking projects do you offer?

OTR has 20+ years of fintech experience, working with large bank groups and smaller local banks.  We pride ourselves to be proficient in anything from industry-specific doc management tools to advanced banking application development and even solid core banking systems. Check out the highlights here.

How should I start working on my banking project?

OTR’s professionals have deep expertise ensuring seamless system upgrade, scaling, and replacement strategies. We are ready to answer any banking development questions you might have and help with the right solution.

How long does it take to sign a contract?

Depending on the complexity of your project, the contract is signed as soon as we have all provisions defined and clear. We’ll determine the general guidelines, put together all necessary provisions. Partnering with experienced banking software development companies like OTR guarantees we finish with the papers within the shortest time possible.

How much does it cost to develop a banking project?

Again, the cost depends on the specific components, your legal environment, outreach, and much more. The best way to get a broad estimate for your future project is to send in a few words to our team.

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